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Established in 2018, Little Intellects School and Day Care is a unit of Yasaswini Educational Society, located in Alkapur Township, Manikonda in Hyderabad, is committed to developing young minds through playful learning experiences. Under the guidance of Chairman Mr. K. Naveen Babu and Principal K. Yasaswini Chowdary (M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., PhD), our school provides a supportive environment where children can explore, discover, and grow.

Our teachers love sparking creativity, critical thinking, and social skills through fun activities. We're dedicated to each child's journey, letting them learn and explore at their own speed. We know that early education sets the stage for a bright future.

Little Intellects
Little Intellects
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At Little Intellects School and Day Care, we believe in nurturing young minds to their fullest potential. Our carefully designed courses and programs are tailored to provide a stimulating environment where kids can explore, learn, and grow. Through engaging activities and personalised attention, we lay the foundation for academic success, social development, and emotional well-being, setting each child on a path of lifelong learning and achievement.

Play Group (Age 2-3 Years & Timings 08.45 AM-12.30 PM)    

At Little Intellects School, we recognize the critical role of play groups in a child's development journey. Our play group sessions offer a rich and nurturing environment where children engage in interactive play, enhancing social skills, creativity, and cognitive development.

Through structured activities and guided exploration, little ones learn valuable lessons in cooperation, communication, and problem-solving. Our experienced educators facilitate meaningful interactions, encouraging each child to express themselves freely and build confidence


Nursery ( Age 3-4 Years & Timings 08.45 AM-12.30 PM)

At Little Intellects, our nursery curriculum is meticulously designed to offer a balanced blend of activities that facilitate children in reaching their early learning milestones. We firmly believe that high-quality education during the School years lays the solid groundwork for comprehensive child development. 

Through engaging activities, our teaching faculty focuses more on sharpening your child’s skills in reading, writing, and counting while also nurturing their curiosity in the sciences and fostering creativity through the arts. Our approach ensures that children not only excel academically but also develop crucial life skills to thrive in their future endeavours.

Pre-Primary 1 (Age 4-5 Years & Timings 08.45 AM-1.00 PM )  

At Little Intellects School and Day Care, our Pre-Primary 1 programme, tailored for 4 to 5-year-olds, places a strong emphasis on foundational skills crucial for their development. Through engaging activities and interactive learning, we prioritise literacy skills, nurturing a love for reading and writing. Additionally, we introduce basic concepts in science and maths, driving curiosity and critical thinking. 

Our curriculum also integrates daily life concepts, equipping children with practical knowledge for everyday scenarios. With a holistic approach, we aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that prepares children for academic success and personal growth.

Pre-Primary 2 (Age 5-6 Years & Timings 08.45 AM-1.00 PM )

Little Intellects School and Day Care offers a specialised Pre-Primary 2 program, designed for children aged 5 to 6, to prepare them for formal schooling. We prioritise language fluency, social development through collaborative play, and fine motor skills enhancement. 

By fostering critical thinking and logical abilities, we ensure children are equipped for concept-based learning and school readiness. This program builds upon the strong foundation laid in Pre-Primary 1, ensuring a seamless transition to formal education.      

Grade-1 (Age 6 Years & Timings 08.45 AM-3.00 PM)

Entering Grade 1 at Little Intellects School and Day Care marks a pivotal moment for young learners, laying the groundwork for their academic journey. With a focus on languages, arts, maths, social studies, and science, children build upon their foundational knowledge to explore new concepts and subjects. 

Language acquisition extends to grammar and writing skills, while maths education covers basic operations and geometric concepts. Through a comprehensive curriculum, Grade 1 students develop essential skills that form the cornerstone of their educational progression. 

Grade-1 to Grade-7 (Timings 08.45 AM - 3.00 PM)  

From Grade 1 to Grade 7, Little Intellects School and Day Care offers a nurturing environment where children thrive academically and socially. Through interactive play, creative activities, and tailored curriculum, students develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

In the early years, emphasis is on foundational concepts, while upper grades delve into more advanced subjects. With dedicated educators and a supportive atmosphere, students build confidence, resilience, and a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Day Care           

At Little Intellects School, we understand that children spend a significant portion of their waking hours in our care, which is why we strive to create an environment that feels like a second home. Our centres offer the same comfort, safety, and nurturing care as their own homes, ensuring children feel secure and loved. 

Through our daycare program, children are actively engaged in creative learning activities tailored to their age and developmental stage. Located conveniently near your home or workplace, our centres provide full-day support, including extended hours when needed, allowing you to focus on your professional commitments with peace of mind

Little Intellects
Little Intellects
Little Intellects
Little Intellects
Little Intellects
Little Intellects

Pre-Primary (Play Group to Pre-Primary 2)

Western dance & sports

Art & Craft


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Fine & gross motor skills


Primary (Grade-1 to Grade-7)


JAM sessions, Debate & Group Discussions (GD)



Western dance


Art & Craft


At Little Intellects School and Day Care, we adhere to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum, aligned with the principles of the New Education Policy (NEP 2020).

Our program is designed to provide children with a comprehensive educational experience, ensuring they meet rigorous academic standards while cultivating essential ethical values. We ensure our students learn the essential knowledge, skills, and values needed for success in school and life, setting a strong foundation for their future.


At Little Intellects School and Day Care, we adopt a student-centric approach, employing interactive methods to cultivate essential 21st-century skills such as communication, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. From Grade IV onwards, we encourage competency through Olympiad training, while laying a solid foundation through our Foundation Program up to Grade III.

Our vision is to empower our students and contribute to the creation of a harmonious society through education.


At Little Intellects School and Day Care, we embrace diversity by celebrating religious and national festivals like Sankaranthi, Independence Day, and more.

Our calendar is filled with events such as Sports Day, Science Day, and our Annual Day, where students showcase their talents and achievements. Each significant occasion is celebrated with happiness and excitement.


At Little Intellects School and Day Care, we prioritise continuous professional development for our staff to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest educational trends. Our curriculum developers conduct regular training sessions to sharpen existing skills and raise awareness about recent developments in early childhood education.

Through structured learning programs, our team undergoes comprehensive training to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and techniques necessary to provide high-quality education and care to our students.


Computer Lab

At Little Intellects School and Day Care, our computer lab plays a crucial role in preparing children for the digital age. Through interactive and age-appropriate programs, kids develop essential computer literacy skills, such as keyboarding, mouse control, and navigating educational software. The computer lab also enhances cognitive abilities by introducing concepts like problem-solving and logical thinking. Furthermore, it improves creativity through multimedia projects and encourages collaboration and communication skills through group activities. Overall, our computer lab equips children with the technological know-how needed for success in the modern world.


At Little Intellects School and Day Care, the playground isn't just a space for play—it's a cornerstone of childhood development. Our playground serves as a dynamic learning environment where children develop physical coordination, social skills, and imagination through active play. With ample opportunities for outdoor play, children build resilience, confidence, and a love for the outdoors, laying a strong foundation for complete development.

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